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My talks

Occasionally, I've spoken to local meetup groups oriented around Frontend. Some of them were recored and for other I have only the slides.

  • Advanced Typescript for people in hurry · 2022

    Half of it is about useful Typescript hints and tips, the other half is about nerdy stuff you might not know is possible with types alone.

  • DOM Testing library: tests resembling user interaction · 2020

    A talk I did for the codete's mini series of webinars during the Covid-19 pandemic. It's about writing accessible web pages and testing it easily.

  • Javascript Refactoring toolkit · 2021

    A comparison between three tools: regular expressions, codemods and Each one is tests against a real-life scenario on a code that requires a change in a large codebase.

  • Monads for JavaScript developer · 2017

    I tried my best to tackle the monads and tried to explain their magic explaining how could they look like in Javascript. Careful! it contains Haskell snippets.

External blog posts

Besides my website I wrote a an article for the company where I work.

  • Tailwind CSS Tutorial and Examples for Beginners · 2022

    Describes why Tailwind CSS is so cool and how to get started with it. This very page was built using it so I heartily recommend my introduction to it.