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My games

In my free time I like to create 2d games using Unity engine. I find developing games to be super exciting and enjoyable. All of the titles below are free-to-play in your browser.

  • Super Plantoid image

    Super Plantoid · 2023

    A Ludum Dare 52 entry. A simple 2d metroidvania platformer in space. You plant seeds to grow berries that can be thrown at enemies and give you powerups.

  • Descent image

    Descent · 2021

    First game jam entry that has grown into full game. A 2d platformer about gliding down the unknown chasm for the riches. Has auto saves, but certain levels require a lot of skill to complete them.

  • Guntasy image

    Guntasy · 2020

    A rogue-lite game where the collectibles (weapons, powerups and key-cards) are randomized on each playthrough. It takes time to learn about the map layout and which weapon is doing better.

  • Seven Nights image

    Seven Nights · 2020

    My first take on a non-platformer. This game revolves more around crafting and learning the game mechanics on your own, the goal is to survive the titular seven nights by preparing each day on invasions that happen nightly.

  • BoBoBot image

    BoBoBot · 2019

    My second game jam game, an ultra-short "metroid-vania". One that turned out surprisingly fun and finished given the time constrains and my experience back then.

  • The Aging Soul image

    The Aging Soul · 2019

    My first game jam entry. A short 2d platformer, a little hard and not as polished as I would like it to be but I'm still super proud of it to this day.