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Hello, I'm Bartosz

My name's Bartosz, on the internet I like to use the nickname Shtobar .

I'm a programmer living in Cracow, who likes to share his knowledge and create maintainable and readable software.

As a web developer

My photo
Me at local meetup before presenting a talk.

I am a frontend developer, who started with jQuery and AngularJS (the first one ), and now my main stack is React + Typescript, with a little knowledge of Node.js.

I like functional programming languages and try to incorporate aspects of them as I see fit in my daily work, but without forcing its conventions everywhere. I tried to play around with Elm and ClojureScript but in the end I still work with Typescript applications (although I managed to complete Advent of Code using clojure back in 2017 ).

As a hobby game developer

My avatar
An avatar I like to use, made by my awsome buddy Shogun.

In my free time I like to try my hand at creating games in Unity engine. I've participated in a few game jams with my friend Shogun. For now, this is just a loose hobby, hopefully it will become something more in the future. All the games I have created can be viewed and played by clicking on the games link at the top.

Outside being a programmer

Performance at the end of the school year
Performance at the end of the school year, made by LensPerience Photography.

Besides programming, my biggest hobby is tap dancing, videos of my performance can be seen on youtube here and here. Other than programming and dancing I like playing the piano and hiking. I really enjoy classic nintendo games like Mario and Zelda, although when it comes to modern games I appreciate much more indie titles than Triple-A produtions.